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I wish I had a garden. Not a big one, not one with trees, and a pond or anything near as scenic, simply one so I could grow something. I find nature amazing. I won’t ramble on about “planting a seed and watch it grow”, we all know how it works; but I speak from experience as a devoted devourer of my mum’s home grown vegetables that there is definitely a marked difference between the vegetables that she grows from her plot and those in a supermarket. Now, I don’t write this on attack of those supermarkets with their identical produce; we all have to get our 5 a day somewhere, but I am right behind the trend in allotment keeping and home growing; waiting lists for allotments are in the 3 year mark in some parts of the country – a few years ago and this land was unattended and sad looking.  It inspires me that as a nation we are finally getting back into the roots of food, as we should be; dirt and all.

I’ve come to appreciate this since moving away from home for university. Before this time, I have to admit I took for granted all the brilliant produce my mum grew singlehandedly in our back garden, which would be pulled from the ground often no more than an hour before it ended up on our evening dinner plates. However, going back there this summer on occasional weekends really has made me appreciate it. Maybe two months ago I sowed some peas (my favourite kind of vegetable) and poked in a row of twigs (collected from a nearby wood) for climbing aid. Since I have been eagerly track their growth which to me seems miraculous when I’m not there every day. Sprouting from the earth – shoots – climbing – flowers – PEAS. And peas it was indeed last weekend. Out I practically danced, colander in hand, to harvest my loot. It really did make me happy. This made me wonder why my mum did it, because I know the hard work involved. It takes alot – you need more determination than just the nice illusion of home growing that the media tends to create. And her answer? “Because that’s what my mum and dad used to do so it just seemed normal to keep doing it.”

I really hope to be able to follow in her footsteps one day. Until then I’ll just nick her produce when I go home…

I really was happy! But i don’t think the whole internet needs to see my face 🙂 Instead, I’ve given myself a pea for a head using really high tech graphics .


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