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Last night, I was presented with a dilemma. Walking into the kitchen after work, there before me, happily sat on the cooker top was a Polenta Flan. Now, I have no problem in trying new things. In fact, as my wonderful Nan likes to exclaim at any family meal (and please excuse the language – it’s not mine…), ill “eat shit sugared given half a chance”. However, on the top of the flan sat a mixture of sundried tomatoes, caramelised onions and, gulp, wait for it… olives. Olives have never ever been my speciality. They are just so pickle-tastic, if that is a word (?) I could use for the occasion, and just simply unpleasant as I can recall from any of the vague memories I have of previous attempts at eating them. These, combined with the polenta, which until then I had never tried but for some reason imagined to be something of a semolina type thing (why? I have no idea…), did not give me hope for the looming dinner.

The flan lay in wait on my plate. I glared at those evil olives and hopes for the best. They gained entry to my fork, and then my mouth. Then, surprise. It was actually rather tasty. My sensory organs were in defence mode for this object of previous detest, but then suddenly a change of mood. Which got me thinking, how is it possible to hate something so strongly, and yet try it maybe a year, two years down the line and find it be not half as bad, if even good to eat. 

 I read somewhere that sensory taste buds are ever evolving in preference to different tastes we experience, and I now have firsthand knowledge of how right this is….

Last week I ate baked beans. I haven’t even attempted to eat baked beans since I was about six. Conclusion: not half bad, but sorry Heinz, no loyal customer here.

n.b. Gherkins still need to be banished from the planet, and I shall stick rigidly to this view. This vinegar infested slimy creature is a slow death to the once handsome cucumber. That is all I have to say on the matter.

(Maybe if gherkins looked like these Japanese origin cucumbers …)

Oh yes, and in other news, of actual substance. (Yes, substance, no heckling needed thank you!) …

Nestle are to jump on the Fairtrade bandwagon I hear? I say bandwagon as if it is a bad thing, but I simply mean it in terms of following other large manufacturers, namely Cadbury’s who have also adopted Fairtrade practises. In fact, I congratulate them on making such a move, despite likely criticism (not directly from me..) that it is probably for their own gains – i.e. to further enhance brand image after disasters such as the baby milk crisis in the 1970s. The first product to go Fairtrade is the Kit Kat, Britain’s most popular chocolate bar, which alone will help 6,000 Africans receive a much fairer price for their cocoa. It has been reported that this move by Cadbury’s and now Nestle will increase the Fairtrade share in the overall market from just 1% to a much more positive looking 10%. Claims are that the decreased margins will not be passed onto the consumer, and so, does it matter if Nestle actually truly do have good intentions or are just doing it for a boost in consumer loyalty. I don’t personally think so, or particularly care if I be brutally honest.

All I can say is; well done Nestle in finally taking a step in the right direction. Fairtrade should be the norm in the industry, not just a label to profit from.


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