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Like so much else, this little project was a resolution which was quickly flung to the back of my mind whilst I busied myself well, erm, doing little else of substance. But that’s just the way it is… Isn’t it?

Anyway, I am back. The blog is unlocked for any nature of eyes to view and I am back thinking up an article of substance – it doesn’t seem to be going so well does it…

Molecular Gastronomy – it is the talk of the town I hear. A method to the means of culinary delight, favoured by those restaurateurs of the foodie forefront – Heston & The Fat Duck, Andria & El Bulli – you name it, they’ve created it using emulsifiers, stabilisers, gums (amongst others). A approach to food which results in a scientific spectacular on a plate, or so I’ve heard.

Now I do not proclaim to write this having done an awful lot of research, but increasingly it seems, the media are turning its back on their once favourable spirals of tongue regarding the matter. The main claim of the argument is health related (isn’t it always?!) – The food industry have been put under pressure by the consumer to take out the artificial ‘baddies’ from their products, and yet, apparently these restaurateurs are simply veering in the opposite direction in order to create a dish for their tables which evokes reactions more in keeping with 19th century audiences of magicians. But it’s not healthy they cry, it’s not natural to fill our bodies hydrocolloid systems, block them with gums whom originally were destined only for the Haribo world (and your children…)

I beg to differ, if only  it gets people interested in food, challenging the average perception of what a product should look like, taste like. And ultimately, provoke a reaction. Let the rivalry of opinions in the Food World continue.


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