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London is the biggest city in the UK. It also has the most restaurants, and the most people reviewing these restaurants. However, this is not alot of good to me having lived in (or very near) Birmingham for the best part of three years now. So I thought I would do something about this for others who are feeling the same way and write a blog review of my favourite eating spots in the city with the biggest canal network in the UK instead – see, London does not hold to power to everything!

Right, for the following restaurant I would like to make clear I am not vegetarian, nor am I thinking about become a vegan; I like cheese too much for that. However The Warehouse Cafe, located on Allison Street, round the back end of the Bullring, and above Friends of The Earth (As far as I am aware the two are not connected) really does do a splendidly all veggie fare for very reasonable prices . I had the pleasure to visit this runner up in Best Ethical Restaurant (Observer Food Magazine, March 2009) yesterday, which prompted this blog in the first place. If you did not know it was there, you probably would never come across it. The restaurant is rather simple in its dining surroundings (and you have to ring a doorbell to be let in by the chef as it is located in upstairs premises) but this is something I actually admire. No flounces, just honest, good quality, filling food. So filling I fact I couldn’t squeeze in a chocolate brownie and homemade raspberry ice-cream. Oh well, it makes for an excuse to go back. As If I need one…

Ok, Wagamama. I hear a groan. I know. It’s a chain. You have to sit with other people on the same table (gasp, whatever next) and it is probably not truly authentic Japanese Ramen but I have to say I like the Birmingham branch. Alot. In fact so much I am still trying to master the art of using chopsticks without flinging my noodles into the eye of the person unlucky enough to be shouldering me. Sadly, western me still finds a fork so much quicker when I am starving, as I usually find myself in here (at the beginning of the meal at least). The service is quick and reliable, the food is delicious (I don’t really need to go into detail, I guess it is pretty well known) and the portions are huge. It is a perfect combination in my eyes, and the reason why it has become so successful. Well done Alan Yau I say.

On the subject of starvation, Urban Pie is great for a student budget. This was pretty much my eating out place for my first year in Birmingham as after 5pm Monday-Friday they do a great ‘Bake Sale’ deal – which means all pies half price – working out at roughly £3/4 (with extras) for a very filling (and tasty) meal.  If parents come to visit, or you are looking to impress someone, it is worth checking out The Mash House in Brindley Place which has a larger selection of meals besides pie and mash. For anyone in the vicinity it may be of interest that Urban Pie also has a store located in Leicester. Yum.

Last, but definitely not least, if you have a car, or feel like you can last on a rumbling belly by trekking it out from the centre, I recommend visiting Great British Eatery (located on Broadway Plaza, kind of the other side of Ladywood Middleway) for some absolutely stunning Fish and Chips. Oh, just fish and chips? No, they are not JUST fish and chips. I guarantee they are the best.  Cooked in beef dripping they are not particularly healthy, but then when were chips ever?  However they certainly are crispy and delicious for it. Oh, and did I mention they have just been voted best Fish and Chip shop in England and third best in the UK. It’s a done deal.

I realise I have recommended alot of comfort food, but surely that’s just what is needed most of the time when you cannot be bothered to pick up a saucepan yourself. Try them out. Birmingham tastes good too.


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