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Food is Culture

I think about food a lot. But it occurred to me the other day – what is it that actually makes us like food for enjoyment and not just simply eat for the sake of filling ourselves with some kind of sustenance? I mean, I did not come from a background which entitled me to dinner in an exclusive establishment once a week with foams and terrines and yet, here I find myself, 21 years after birth, forging a career with food as the main backbone, as if eating it at least three times a day is not enough. Yes I like to eat it, but I think it is more than that. Food is interesting, and is an integral part of culture. For some parts of the world, food is what keeps a community spirit alive, and gives hope to those who have none. I realise that last sentence sounds a little philosophical, but in a more modern sense of rambling, I can see how food keeps people together, whether in the form of a family sit down meal in the evening, or on a lazy afternoon on the grass with a few friends and a picnic hamper.

So in regards this, it makes me wonder where society went wrong with good food with little money. My mum was (and is.) able to make a meal for very little money but with a punch load of taste and nutrition yet the media surrounding food of those on low income suggests the opposite is more common. But really can you blame them, when a frozen chicken Kiev and chips works out a lot cheaper than a salad and a few new potatoes? It is true that as a nation, we are lacking the apparent skills to cook as we did when we had less money in general, but maybe to blame lies somewhere in the food industry who make it so easy for us not to cook?

Saying this, there has been a recent resurgent in home cooking, and for that I applaud the industry with simple to prepare, not quite home cooking, not quite ready meal solutions to help those English folk on their way to enjoying food properly again. And maybe, just maybe, it will be a home baked cupcake next week smelling out the kitchen!

Lemon & poppyseed cupcakes

(That last sentence concerning the trend for baking cupcakes could create a whole blog rant of it’s own..)

“We are indeed much more then what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are” Adelle Davis (1904-1974)


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So, I enter the world of blogging. An actual blog, a blank space to write, a living piece of modern literature. Not living in terms of it has 100 scurrying legs like a centipede of course though. Considering I intend to write about my culinary delights, that may be a little off-putting to find a little centipede’s shoe in between these words of wisdom. Anyway, where was I. Already I find myself waffling (Bird’s Eye, naturally) about nothing in particular. Welcome to my brain.

Food. It’s a passion, a commitment, a chore, a dedication to eating. And that is most certainly what I do best. Of course with eating comes cooking. Baking, Stewing, Steaming, Boiling, Roasting. Mashing! Most of all I like to bake; yesterday evening, for example, I set about the task of creating some raspberry and orange fairy cakes. And most delicious they were (/are) too. I agree, not entirely the best use of seasonal produce, seeing as it’s now December and there is frost of the ground. It is the climate to which most raspberries would shout a big chilly no, pull on a big mound of dirt and bury themselves in it, lost forever. However, I could not resist the big bad wolf of a supermarket’s half priced Spanish red beauties yesterday and so off I out the store I marched, swinging a bag of summery(ish…) goodness homeward bound.  And I’m not short in admitting, it was a good choice. Soft buttery sponge embedded with plump, slightly crushed raspberries and once removed from the oven and left to cool just ever so slightly, drizzled with a orange juice and sugar mixture. As Mr Kipling would say (and I am in no way endorsing this Mr Manufacturer Kipling – bake your own!); Exceedingly Good Cakes. Although I say so myself.

…5 minutes later, chomping another little cake… gone… http://wwwbbcgoodfood..com/recipes/2210/warm-raspberry-cupcakes-with-orange-sugar-drizzle TASTY!  … I would add my own photo but well, they are rather diminishing in quantity, and I feel it would be rather pointless. Maybe next time, because there’s always a next time as far as cakes are concerned in my life.

Warm raspberry cupcakes with orange sugar drizzle

Photo courtesy of GoodFood, sorry folks, I cannot claim it to be my own…

In other news. Nigel Slater. I’m 20, and I am not at all ashamed to admit, were he available (yes, and I mean in every sense of the word) he could happily come and cook me dinner…and stay for afterwards. Ahem, move on quickly Alex. As it is, I contend happily with his cookbooks for company instead. Tonight, I half cooked (to be finished off in due course with a splash of cream in true Nig styley)  a Root Vegetable Korma in preparation for a feast of eating 5-a-day on a plate tomorrow. Now, I have never actually made a curry from scratch until today, but with a trusty hard book, about it did I set grinding spices; coriander seeds, cumin, cardamom pods, and mixing in a teaspoon or two of chilli flakes, turmeric and cinnamon powder (the cupboard essentials didn’t stretch as far as sticks, whatever!). The result was really worth skipping past the curry paste isle in favour of combining these brilliant flavours by hand. That is what makes cooking worthwhile, smelling every component before its hit the plate and seeing exactly how it’s made. Brilliant. Root vegetables chopped, combined with spices and simmered (Gordon Ramsay, anyone?!).

Dear Nigel, Feed Me.

Story To be continued. Tales to be followed, sometime, somewhere, someplace. Watch this, now less of a, blank place.


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