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Hum. I’m thinking about getting a veg box delivered each week (or maybe every two weeks depending on how healthy I’m feeling) when I go back to university. I know that is the most unstudent’y thing to ponder, but pondering it I am. You see, where I currently live, my landlord has one delivered each week from Boxfresh Organics and I really like their ethos. There is no packaging waste like a lot of fruit and veg in the supermarkets, because it is delivered in a cardboard tray and taken away again by the lovely delivery man to be reused. It is organic, which actually I do not have a preference for due to the fact I did a recipe demonstration representing the Soil Association a while back and came out thinking a lot of the health arguments for organic simply do not hold up too strongly. Nonetheless I would be more than happy to support the organic sector on the grounds that organic farmers are usually better paid, and even more so is this the case when supplying to box schemes that in most cases pay a very fair premium. Supporting local produce, and with it the local farmers I feel is massively important and one ethic which should not just be seen as a ‘trend’.

Now I just have to get over the fact that my brain knows I will be living on a pittance and that with an individual fruit and veg box costing around £11, that equates to a lot of bowls of pasta.

On the plus side, it has got to beat struggling to drag my 5 a day a mile home from the supermarket on foot.

Being a student trying to have a clear conscience is difficult.


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