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On a much less serious note than yesterday, It occurred to me that I had not yet blogged on the wonders of Bompas and Parr improving festival goers health – who on their word did indeed turn up at The Big Chill (Festival) a few weeks back in the form of a stripy black and white pyramid situated at the top of a very big hill…. and when I say very, I am not exaggerating. One needed to be determined that they were going to get one of their five a day by getting there in the first place, I can tell you.

The venture proved hugely popular with us festy people, as having not seen a carrot stick or broccoli floret for days (I speak only for myself, although I am pretty sure the problem was widespread) were more than willing to enter a world of breathable fruit. However the genius Jelly mongers were also was there to spread the word on the variety and benefits of Fairtrade fruit now available to buy in supermarkets.

On entrance of the pyramid, Bompas (or maybe it was Parr? I am not sure which is which to be quite truthful…) asked our group to name fruits which were now available under the Fairtrade mark –  I managed about eight which I thought pretty impressive considering the amount of apples in the form of cider consumed the previous night. For the record there are now actually nineteen Fairtrade fruits readily available on shelves near you, an inspiring result of Fairtrade promotion and consumer uptake regarding the mark. See, some British folk are good people with ethics too.

(Yep, that is me up there, I felt like a little kid sitting at the top of that slide)

We also got given a scratch and sniff card* when stepping off from the slide – possibly a reminder of what fruit is and which came in handy to wave in front of sufferers nostrils in any emergency scurvy scares for the remainder of the festival camping period…

Sadly, the fruit power is with us no more, but with us in spirit.

*A scratch and sniff talk was also provided by the pair as part of the festival line-up, but unluckily as I was working in another field at the time, I could not sneak off and attend. For more information on all things fruity breath, and for a video of the inside of breathing chamber (maybe I should not call it this, it sounds a little morbid), here you go instead.

Afternote: I read this after publishing this post about the event –

“The Ziggurat of Flavour draws inspiration from 18th Century Cuccagna monuments. These formed the centerpieces for the most spectacular public celebrations in history.  They were vast architectural structures made of food based on the peasant tale of the Land of Cockaigne; a mythical place with mountains of cheese, rainstorms of cake and where all wildlife was pre-cooked and waiting to be eaten.  ”

Wow, this place sounds like the stuff my dreams are made of. I can wish…


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The combination of food and art used is a fascinating one. Perusing (Oh how I love that word) The Telegraph online the other day, I stumbled across this amazing artist named Carl Warner who is famous for creating Foodscapes, and his work really is incredible. Whole scenes with spectacular visual impact are created using layers upon layer of food phototography – “don’t play with your food” goes right out the window here, and so rightly it should. I was intrigued by the creativity and sheer quality of his pieces, and if I had the money (and a house) I would literally buy his entire print collection to decorate my walls. I can wish. I think I will have to console myself with his book when it is released in october instead.

Carl Warners Food Landscapes or Foodscapes

Carl Warners Food Landscapes or Foodscapes

Carl Warners Food Landscapes or Foodscapes

Foodscapes: Carl Warner (He can even make bacon look good!?!)

In more literal food terms, I also read recently about the launch of the man vs food programme, for which a giant picnic had been created by a 10 chefs over a period of a week. Although perhaps not something you would want on your walls, food used in advertising is commonplace; which as much as you may hate ads, are ia skilled art form in themselves. Take for example the 2007 Skoda advert – a whole car made entirely from cake components. How I would have liked to be there for the aftermass of that one.
Food and art go hand in hand. Chefs often claim artistic licenses over their plates but it is even more exciting to discover food used in much more obsure and interesting art forms.

Further Food Art viewing:

Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle (beautiful models involving food)

Prudence Emma Staite (created pieces for the Smartie Art exhibition to promote the return of the all natural blue smartie!)

Bompas and Parr (Wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly art on a plate… Exhibiting at The Big Chill festival next week – I will make sure to seek out their work whilst I am there)

Jason Mecier (Celebrity Portraits made from sweets and junk food – I wonder if they aprove of all this food in their faces…)

Cossimo Cavallaro (Excellent sculptures made from various food materials – chocolate,cheese, ham. You name it, he has probably created a sculture from it)

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